Alfred is a young composer and producer born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He holds a degree in composition and in modern/jazz keyboard performance. He’s also taken classes at the UCLA film scoring program in LA, and studied orchestration and composition with Enric Palomar and  Lluis Verges, in addition to music production and sound engineering.

Alfred has scored for film (Jaume Balaguero, Filmax, Activa Films, Escandalo Films), TV (Antena3, TV3,  Cromosoma, Les Tres Bessones), Trailers (FILMAX, Arcadia) and commercials (Nocilla, Moussel, Nestle…).

He is fast, creative and a very versatile musician, going from orchestral to jazz, electronical or sound design.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, US.

Contact for further information, we’ll be glad to answer any questions or provide demos.